Is it just me, or was that long weekend just a tease? It certainly has me dreaming about a longer getaway or more exotic locales than the beach? 

Studies have shown that there is as much, if not more, enjoyment in the anticipation of a vacation as actually gained from the vacation itself. So sit back, close your eyes and think about whether or not any of these signs that you need a vacation are showing up for you!


7 signs that you need a vacation


Here are 7 signs that wanderlust is calling you as well and perhaps it’s time for you to start planning a much deserved vacation. 





#1 – You haven’t taken a single day away from the office yet this year (just incase you haven’t noticed, the year is more than half way over already!) What are you waiting for?




#2 – You are craving exotic food but the most exotic place you’ve been is the new restaurant down the street.  


#3 – You’re binge watching episodes of Hawaii 5-0 just so you can see the beaches and the scenery.




#4 – You spend hours on end scrolling through Instagram and dreaming of being in those destinations yourself.



#5 – You’ve got a Pinterest board full of the most beautiful sunsets, but can’t remember you actually saw one in person.



#6 – Your Facebook news feed is an endless parade of photos and posts that your friends and family are making from around the world.


 #7 – You’ve got a passport sitting in a drawer at home waiting for it’s first stamp, or even it’s next stamp!



If you can relate to the above signs, or have even more popping up as reminders, give me a call or click here so we can  get started today planning your escape! 

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