With our outstanding Concierge service these are just some of the many benefits you will enjoy when trusting your travel dollars to Slaydon’s:

Private consultations, either by phone or in our office, to meet with you and discuss your vacation expectations, so that your every wish and desire is included. We take the time to get to know you, understanding your approach to travel, what you like to see and do and in what style. Then we match these factors with your budget, schedule and our insider connections with the best travel providers.

We are able to suggest enhancements to your itinerary, that offer amazing experiences to exceed your expectations, but not your budget.

With our expertise and firsthand knowledge we are able to select choice hotels that are in prime locations, so you spend more of your vacation time experiencing the sites instead of the transportation system.

We can customize your itinerary to make the most of the time you have to spend in each location. Consider a trip to Rome in which you spend only two days. You plan to spend the first day, touring on your own, the famous sites such as the Spanish Steps, Coliseum, Trevi fountain, and more. The second day you would like to visit the Vatican, only to discover the second day that the Vatican museum is closed. With the expert planning of our concierge services you could have reversed your schedule and seen all of the must see sites.

Through our global network of trusted travel partners,we can custom-tailor your vacation to perfectly match your individual needs and desires.

Our extensive knowledge and continuing training on cruise lines, resorts, airlines and tour operators allows us to cut through the clutter and zero in on the vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

Investigate numerous airline routes and aircraft to make sure your travel experience with the airlines is the find your perfect vacation match best it can be. Premium business upgrade, aircraft comfort, seat maps. And check flight stats for ontime performance for the routes that you are traveling

It’s our job and our passion to know the world’s greatest destinations inside and out. Our expertise and resources give you an insider’s view when planning your next vacation.

We research numerous itineraries and options until we the perfect match.

We have access to state of the art global reservations systems providing us up to the minute access to rates and availability for airlines, hotels and car rental agencies around the world. What does this mean for you? Well, with the touch of a few buttons, we can do in minutes what would take the average traveler many frustrating hours in front of their own computer. That, combined with our personal knowledge of airline routes and schedules from specific markets, as well as site inspections of hotels and means we can get the best value out of your travel budget.

We have access to discounted, limited-time offers and exclusive benefits you cannot obtain on your own, so you get more out of your travel budget.

We are able to negotiate lower deposits and added amenities for some itineraries, so you can keep your travel dollars in the bank longer and have unexpected amenities and upgrades along the way.

Our service doesn’t stop when you make your reservations, quite the opposite, we continually monitor your dream vacation for special offers, upgrades and amenities along the way to ensure you receive the best value. If specials are offered, that apply to your vacation, they are automatically applied to your reseration.

We can arrange for private tour guides, should you desire a more personal experience that is not available to the average tourist. This will help you get an insider’s view of the customs and culture of the areas you visit instead.

Our concierge travel experts can make hard to get restaurant reservations at some hidden gems throughout your travels.

Private car & driver services with prepayments so everything is taken care of before you set foot on your vacation.

Throughout our vacation planning process, you are provided with personalized destination information, complete with custom maps for each city you visit. These maps show your hotel, popular sites, recommended restaurants and more. You will be provided with both a hard copy as well as a digital copy that you can access directly from your smartphone, if desired.

We personally check your Passports to make sure they are up to date and meet the many different requirements set out not only by the US Government, but by other countries as well.

We also offer personal courier services for visa applications so that you have the peace of mind that your Passport is handled in a safe and secure manner at all times, and returned to you as quickly as possible.

We make sure that you are aware of any immunization requirements or suggestions that would apply to the vacation you are planning.

Our concierge service doesn’t stop when your vacation begins; you will have personal contact information for our consultants, who are available 24 hours a day.

If a situation should arise that you need to utilize your travel insurance, we will be with you every step of the way. We file the claim, assist you with the necessary paperwork and continue to follow up with the insurance company until your reimbursement is received.

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