Immersing yourself in a destination goes beyond the landmarks, it goes beyond the museums and the shops, it means really getting to know the locals and ideally sharing a meal with them

Food is the backbone of any destination. Culinary influenced travel is one of the hottest trends, again this year and will be for 2018 as well.

From Peruvian ceviche to the pastas of Italy, every destination has it’s own flavor.


Some of our favorite experiences include, but aren’t limited to these 5 destinations

Sitting down for tea with a Berber family after a lunch in their home in Morocco

An elaborate wine pairing dinner at a vineyard in the Winelands region of South Africa

Visiting a local market with your Parisian chef before returning to their kitchen to cook then savor the meal

Learning to make Gnocchi with an Italian “Nonna” or grandmother who’s been using the same recipe, handed down from her mother and grandmother decades ago.

Exploring the street food vendors and markets of Thailand with a chef to gather ingredients before your hands on cooking class.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cuisine around the world, what’s the destination that gets your mouth watering?  click here and we’ll get started.

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