My daughter came home from school last week talking about a video they watched in class about vacations.

I love the message that it shares, and wanted to share it with you all this week. You can click below to watch, you may be surprised with what he has to say. 


There is so much commercialization of every day life, travel is a great way to step away from that and get back to being a family together.

I’ve asked my daughter in the past what the best part of vacations have been. She said it was “all of us spending time together” which surprised me, since we do a lot of activities together as a family. 

When I probed a bit deeper what she really meant was that we spent all day together, just the three of us, no yard work, no house work, no cell phones, no checking social media or email. Just us, making memories together.  

Ultimately it’s bigger than the theme parks, the water slides and the airplane rides or road trips. 

It’s about the time you spend together.

It’s about having your undivided attention. 


It’s about the bonds that you deepen. 


It’s about the memories made together that will last a lifetime. 


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