When is the last time you did something completely unpredictable? No, putting your iPod on shuffle doesn’t count. I’m talking about stepping out of your routine or even your comfort zone.

Have you taken the same summer vacation to the same destination for more years than you can remember?

Or even worse, have you been saying for years that you’ll finally take that vacation when you turn 50 or 60, or for you 25th Anniversary, or when you retire. Believe me, I’ve heard it all, and unfortunately, seen all to often that vacation never materialize because “life gets in the way.”



People tend to get stuck in a rut, so to speak, when it comes to picking a destination for their next vacation.  Some never choosing to expand their horizons and visit a different part of the world, or even a different part of their own country.

Sometimes, even those who do decide to explore a new destination remain on the grounds of a resort the entire week and are really still surrounded by the familiar comforts of home.



So this year, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone when you are planning that vacation. That’s not to say you need to hike the Inca Trail instead of sit on a beach in the Caribbean. Perhaps you can still visit your favorite Caribbean Island for a week of rest, relaxation and pampering, but spend some time exploring the island while you are there.

Go into town, to the local craft market, invest some of your time shopping for local souvenirs. By shopping at  the local market your dollars stay in the community you visit instead of going back to the corporations that run the gift shop on the resort property. Eat a local meal in a downtown tavern, rather than visit a chain restaurant with a familiar logo. Visit a local school and read to the children. The possibilities are endless.

These are the things that will set your vacation apart.  

These are the moments that will become memories.

These are the special touches of your vacation that I love to help you plan. 

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