Is it 1987? 




This week I traveled back in time to my high school days. Maybe not technically, but I was transported back to 1987 as I stood in a crowd of people on Fedex Field in DC and watched U2 perform their 1987 album and 30th anniversary tour of the Joshua Tree.


I have found that the closest we can get to time travel (without a DeLorean) is through our actual travels. 



We can visit sites that take us back through history when we visit ancient civilizations such as Rome, Athens, the Great Wall of China and countless more locations. Even in a country as young as America we can visit historic battlefields or National Parks. These will often offer us a glimpse and perhaps a better understanding of those generations that came before us.


You can even visit places, like Cuba, that seem to be frozen in time.



The third way that we can time travel is to reminisce about our time spent traveling. Perhaps you have had the experience where the taste of a particular dish has brought up memories of having that same dish while you were vacationing. Maybe you’ve even learned to recreate at home a dish you learned to make while you were on a trip somewhere. Does the smell of lavender remind you of time spent exploring Provence? All of these allow us, even if just for a moment, to travel back in time to when we first experienced each of these. 





As I discussed last week keeping your memories alive once you return home from a vacation allows you to revisit those experiences at any time.


If you are ready to capture the memories that only a family vacation can provide, I would love to help.  Contact me or one of the other travel professionals at Slaydon’s Travel. We can make sure your vacation provides memories to last a lifetime.

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